How to Reach New Heights… Without Falling on Your Face

Guest blog from MHI Member Company New Age Industrial

Ladder Carts are proven to be considered useful tools in various industries and workplaces. They help employees carry out tasks that require higher up, vertical access. Ladder Carts are extremely versatile and offer a convenient way to pick products and transport goods to and from hard-to-reach areas. However, Ladder Carts can pose safety risks if engineered incorrectly, misused, or are incorrectly maintained. This is why Ladder Carts should include very specific safety features when designed and manufactured. Let’s discuss some of the most important safety features for Ladder Carts.

1. Solid Welded, Heavy-Duty Construction: The type of material that will be used to build a Ladder Cart is the first important item to consider. For examples, the use of primary grade aluminum, along with skilled welds, ensures that they will not break under the weight of users or products when following weight capacity guidelines.

2. Locking Mechanism/Brake: For added safety, Ladder Carts should feature an automatic brake that engages once weight is put on the ladder. This keeps the cart in place while the associate is on the ladder. Options for manual locking brakes are available at some manufacturers, but they allow room for employee error (incorrectly setting or forgetting to engage the lock) and increase the risk of injury.

3. Non-Slip, Anti-Skid Steps: Climbing up and down a ladder repetitively poses a serious risk when not done correctly, especially if the steps or shoes are slick or slippery. Non-slip, or anti-skid tape should be added to all steps to provide secure footing even in wet or oily conditions.

4. Extended Reach Handles: Extended reach handles give the operators a place to hold onto when climbing high up on the ladder and prevents associates from walking onto the deck of the cart. Some handles also curve toward the operator at lower levels so the operator can walk naturally without hitting their shins, making them a real shin saver!

5. Proper Training: All the engineering in the world couldn’t prevent the dangers of improper use by human negligence or error. Actively training employees on the proper use and safety of Ladder Carts, in addition to frequent follow-ups, will prevent most workplace injuries.

6. Maintenance: A maintenance schedule to inspect all Ladder Carts and load bearing equipment should be implemented and strictly followed to ensure all equipment is safe for use.

Ladder Carts are a critical piece of equipment in many workplaces but can be hazardous if not used correctly. The main goal for highlighting the safety features above is to reduce workplace injuries. It is important to use Ladder Carts only as originally intended, adhering to manufacturer specifications, and ensuring that all components are correctly functioning. By doing so, users and organizations can ensure operator safety while using this equipment.

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