Warehouse racking gates

Inventory Control and Warehouse Racking Gates

Guest blog by MHI member Xpanda Quantum Security Products

Securing Merchandise with Warehouse Racking Gates

When it comes to keeping businesses secure, some business owners only focus on the more obvious customer-facing areas. They protect windows and doors that face outwards to the street and storefronts where customers shop. They might take steps to secure merchandise that is on shop shelves. These are obviously good ideas, but they’re not the only locations that require security.

Warehouse security is important for a number of reasons. Loss, theft and damage at warehouses costs businesses a great deal of money each year. Merchandise stolen from warehouses is almost always in its original packaging, which increases its resale value on the black market, and thus increases the likelihood of theft.

One reason to strongly consider warehouse security is to protect against employee theft. You may not want to think about your own employees stealing from your company, but it does happen. And it happens more often that you may imagine. Many warehouses are very large and this gives employees the opportunity to swipe items when no one else can see them. Inventory is often counted only occasionally, so it could be quite some time before a company notices that merchandise has gone missing. For this reason, it’s important to secure your warehouse.

Another important reason to use warehouse security gates is for safety. Many warehouses contain hazardous or otherwise dangerous materials. In order to keep these materials safe and secure, locking them behind locked security gates is crucial.

Warehouse racking gates

Warehouse Racking Gates

Warehouse racking gates can effectively keep the merchandise in your warehouse secure.

Warehouse racking gates are fully ventilated gates and allow you to easily see all items located behind them. This makes managing inventory simple, convenient and safe. One reason that some warehouse owners hesitate to install physical security to protect merchandise is because they’re worried that having gates will slow down workflow and make it more difficult to manage the warehouse. This isn’t true.

Not only do security gates protect your merchandise, but they are also easy to set-up, lock and unlock. Once the gates are installed and locked, you can provide keys to only those individuals who require access. This reduces theft and loss and actually makes it easier to manage your warehouse.

Locking materials behind security gates also allows you to restrict access to potentially dangerous materials. This can be helpful if your warehouse stocks chemicals, toxins, firearms or other dangerous goods. Warehouse accidents and injuries are very commonplace, so anything that you can do to protect your warehouse and your staff is a great idea.

Warehouse Security Gates

In addition to securing merchandise at your warehouse, it’s important to also secure the warehouse itself. Yellow safety gates and other industrial security gates or warehouse security gates can prevent unwanted access to your property. These types of gates are especially useful in warehouses that have loading docks.

Many warehouse choose to keep the doors on loading docks open for ventilation or to make it easier to notice trucks and speed up loading. However, open docks also make it possible for criminals to enter a property without being noticed. By securing your loading dock with security gates, you keep criminals out while still keeping the warehouse ventilated and accessible to those with keys.

In order to protect your property fully, you need to look beyond typical customer-facing areas and ensure that your warehouse is also protected. Security gates can certainly help you achieve this goal.