“Jobs of Tomorrow”: Enabling Next Day Delivery

The very first episode of the MHI docuseries “Jobs of Tomorrow” dives into the complicated world of next day delivery. Most of us expect that a package will arrive at our doorstep shortly after we place an online order. When COVID-19 stalled the flow of packages, it frustrated both companies and consumers.

This “Jobs of Tomorrow” episode talks to professionals from Amazon and DHL Supply Chain. They explain how the explosive growth of e-commerce during COVID-19 exposed the fragility of supply chains. In response, the companies show us the tech they have introduced to improve the logistics during the middle and last mile of delivery.

From data engineers to behavioral scientists at airports, there is a need for skilled problem solvers to enter the supply chain industry. As an airport director states in the episode: “It’s not just about lifting boxes.”

To learn more about this next day delivery revolution, watch “The Extraordinary World of Home Delivery.” It’s one of the 12 “Jobs of Tomorrow” episodes you can stream from MHI’s website. This docuseries highlights the career paths available in the material handling and supply chain industry.