“Jobs of Tomorrow” Episode 8: Building Resilient Supply Chains

How much damage could one container ship really cause? Episode 8 of MHI’s “Jobs of Tomorrow” cruises down memory lane, recalling the ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal in March 2021. Much like the pandemic, the jammed ship further emphasized the need for companies to build more resilient supply chains.

According to Adrian Kumar, Global Head of Operations Science & Analytics at DHL Supply Chain, network design and supporting software are great defenses against possible disruptions. (We have an episode on big data that explores this technology in greater detail).

Thinking local could be another viable defense. In this episode, a supply chain expert discusses how companies are adding more local suppliers to reduce the problems that can arise with global suppliers.

What about just-in-time inventory? Does that strategy still work for your company… or is it time to pivot? Watch the full episode to learn why just-in-case inventory could become the new normal.

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