Jobs of Tomorrow: Head in the Cloud

Even if you can’t explain exactly how the cloud works, you probably are aware that many of the computing programs you use are cloud-based. The explosion of cloud computing has affected the supply chain in many ways. In episode 9 of MHI’s “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries, we examine how companies such as the BEUMER Group are taking advantage of this technology.

The sheer power of cloud processing is one of the many benefits mentioned in this episode. It has made it possible for companies to process a previously unfathomable amount of data. Block chain is another important innovation that enables companies to better track every link in their supply chain. Both technologies will be essential to the jobs of tomorrow.

Like any newcomer, cloud computing has triggered some fears. For example, you might wonder if it’s really safe to store all of your company’s data in the cloud. As this episode reveals, the cloud is considered a fairly safe technology. One expert explains how the biggest cyber security threat is actually inside your company.

To learn more about this internal invader, check out episode 9 of “Jobs of Tomorrow”: Head in the Cloud: Using Supply Chain Data. You can watch the entire episode (and the series) on MHIview or on Amazon.