“Jobs of Tomorrow”: Innovation in Supply Chains

“If you’re not differentiating, you’re dying.” It’s a statement Jim Barnes frequently makes. Appearing in episode three of MHI’s “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries, the enVista CEO talks about the challenge of keeping up with innovation in supply chains.

This episode highlights the important link between failure and innovation. Although it might be scary for companies to gamble on new product development, it’s also essential to their survival.

How can the supply chain industry take advantage of failure? It all starts with corporate culture. This episode peeks inside several cutting-edge tech companies to get an understanding of how failure is best embraced.

To learn more about failure and corporate culture, check out “Jobs of Tomorrow: Innovation and the Future of Supply Chain.” **Spoiler alert: you get to see robots navigating a parkour course.**

This episode is part of MHI’s  “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries, which follows the rising career opportunities in the supply chain.