“Jobs of Tomorrow”: Integrated Nexus: The Glocal Supply Chains

Continuting in Season 2 of our “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries is an episode devoted to integration. “Integrated Nexus: The Glocal Supply Chains” digs into the ways an integrated supply chain can result in disruptions from various factors such as natural disasters, transportation failures, labor strikes, geopolitical conflicts, or a single supplier/manufacturing failure.

When you look at the geopolitical issues, the geopolitical conflicts, those things have tremendous implications for your ability to have a more agile supply chain. As much as we like to think our supply chains are local, the reality is every supply chain is global.

A company can’t afford a supply chain disruption. You’re playing Jenga with your friends carefully removing and placing blocks one on top of the other to build a tower as tall as possible, but this is no ordinary Jenga Tower. This tower represents our global supply chain system and each block represents a piece of the puzzle from where goods are manufactured and transported and you, the consumer, are on the very top and then your clumsy friend comes along and bumps the table.

Everything crashes, and that’s what can happen to a global supply chain. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a pandemic or even a sudden change in the market, we need to be prepared to handle whatever comes our way.

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