“Jobs of Tomorrow”: Sustain-Able: Scopes 1, 2 and 3 in the Supply Chain

Kicking off Season 2 of our “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries is an episode devoted to optimization. “Sustain-Able: Scopes 1, 2 and 3 in the Supply Chain” digs into the ways that Carbon emissions pose a threat to the world. The supply chain is ready to tackle it head-on and provide sustainable practices that ensure the world is a healthier place for all.

From greenhouse gases and global warming, to pollution damaging our health and quality of life, there are various initiatives in play to make our world more sustainable. With more companies setting net zero targets, one big focus is reducing the carbon footprint in the supply chain. Since companies typically see 80%-90% of their greenhouse gas emissions originate from their operations, you can see why.

The most important thing when we think about real sustainability measures is to make sure that what you’re doing, what you’re sharing, what you are moving towards is real. It’s not just something that you are trying to show you’re doing something, you’re actually making real progress. This is where sustainability is data-driven.

Companies need to be ready. There will be regulations coming down the line and they need to be ahead of the game when it comes to disclosing their carbon emissions. This episode discusses sustainability practices and how to get ready for what’s coming.

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To learn more about how companies are parsing data, watch this full “Jobs of Tomorrow” episode now on MHIview. A recent article from MHI Solutions magazine also dives into how to prepare now for upcoming reporting requirements.

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