Mental Health Requires More Than Time Off

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

If recent years have taught us anything, it’s that the business environment is ever-changing, and the ability to keep up depends on your ability to adapt and continuing to gain new expertise. But that’s not just about the latest technology or the smartest methodologies. These days, it also includes greater understanding of workers’ needs—including when it comes to their mental health.

Far beyond working through challenges such as anxiety, depression or disorders, there is an increasing awareness that promoting mental wellness can boost productivity, help with hiring and retention and improve a company’s overall culture. That impacts the bottom line. Here’s the hitch: It means more than just giving people time off.

According to Lyra, a leading provider of mental health benefits, 970 million people are living with mental health issues. In its recent 2023 State of Workforce Mental Health report, Lyra found that…

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