MHI’s New Docuseries Introduces Viewers to the Supply Chain Jobs of Tomorrow

For decades, supply chains have clandestinely performed anonymously and unrecognized in spite of their criticality to delivering the goods and supplies we rely on to live our daily lives. As far as the general public was concerned, supply chains weren’t something to be, well, concerned about.

Until they were.

Enter the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing cascade of disruptions: the shutdowns, the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, the e-commerce boom, global port congestion and then the shortages of what seemed like everything else. Suddenly everybody was discussing the supply chain. But they still didn’t really understand the complexity, or the technologies, or the people that make supply chains work.

“Supply chains have certainly taken center stage in terms of the general public’s awareness and focus,” explains John Paxton, MHI CEO. “In this critical time, we wanted to demonstrate how the COMindustry has truly become high-tech, as well as to introduce a broader audience to the career opportunities that exist in this field. . .”

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