MHI’s New Docuseries Introduces Viewers to the Supply Chain Jobs of Tomorrow

The inaugural 12 episodes spotlight the unique value and skills of material handling and supply chain jobs can now be seen on MHIView

MHI has developed the “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries comprised of 12, 22-minute episodes featuring interviews from industry leaders, as well as from academics, educators, current college students and others working in the field. They provide their insights on the future of supply chain jobs and the technology that will support them.

Through the insights of these individuals, each episode showcases the latest technologies in action, and includes footage from multiple warehousing and distribution center facilities. Individual episodes cover different aspects of the industry and the impact on the economy and society: From e-commerce to cold chain handling and the innovations and evolving technologies that address today’s challenges. They highlight the broad range of current and future career opportunities offered in this industry.

In addition to raising awareness of the industry and its innovative technologies, the docuseries is designed to inspire greater interest in supply chain careers.

Four MHI members committed as sponsors of four of the 12 episodes. All cited the prospect of introducing the latest developments in supply chain and material handling industry and the benefit of reaching a new audience as being a primary motivator for their participation.

The “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries can now be seen on MHIView. Below are the topics of each episode:

Episode 1: The Extraordinary World of Home Delivery

Episode 2: Technology in Supply Chain; Testing to Investing

Episode 3: Cultivating an Innovation Mindset

Episode 4: Collaborative Automation: Your Future Coworkers in an E-Commerce World, sponsored by Kindred.

Episode 5: How Big Data Drives Big Decisions in Supply Chain

Episode 6: Remote Work and the Supply Chain

Episode 7: How to Win Culture and Influence People

Episode 8: The Calm and the Storm: Building Resilient Supply Chains

Episode 9: Head in the Cloud: Using Supply Chain Data

Episode 10: Combating the Supply Chain Labor Shortage, sponsored by Locus Robotics

Episode 11: Adjusting to the New Normal of Two Times the Output in One-Half the Time, sponsored by Fives Intralogistics Corp.

Episode 12: How the Supply Chain is Keeping it Cool, sponsored by SSI Schaefer

View the Jobs of Tomorrow Docuseries.

Plans are underway for the next season of “Jobs of Tomorrow.” For information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Chelsea Fairweather.