National Forklift Safety Day Recognizes Safety is Paramount

From National Donut Day to National Two Different Colored Shoes Day (yes, there really is a day dedicated to this), one can lose track of all of the special days. However, with its strong emphasis on worker safety, National Forklift Safety Day is one the supply chain industry should not forget.

Origins of National Forklift Safety Day

In 2013, the Industrial Truck Association started National Forklift Safety Day to draw attention to the safe use of forklifts and to emphasize the necessity of operator training. From the forklift’s humble beginning in Altoona, Pennsylvania to its starring role moving pallets in warehouses, forklift operators were at work long before OSHA and its safety regulations existed.

Although OSHA regulations have undoubtedly saved thousands of life by specifying a training and re-evaluation program, there is still room for improvement. According to the National Safety Council website, “Forklifts were the source of 70 work-related deaths in 2021 and 7,290 nonfatal injuries involving days away from work in 2020.”

You Can Observe National Forklift Safety Day Today & Tomorrow

Today, the Industrial Truck Association kicks off National Forklift Safety Day events in Washington, DC. This free event consists of educational sessions that offer an economic outlook, OSHA updates, and an overview of congressional activity related to the forklift industry.  To participate, register to attend the event virtually.

For more resources on complying with forklift safety, refer to OSHA’s powered industrial truck standards.