Stay Focused with the MHI Business Intelligence Center

During a now legendary dinner conversation, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates both identified “focus” as the single most important factor to their success. When running a business, there is a deluge of information competing for your focus. To help streamline the information that is relevant to leading a business, we have created a Business Intelligence Center for MHI members.

Business Intelligence Center Resources

Below are some of the useful resources you can find in our Business Intelligence Center:

• Business Intelligence Webinar Series
• Business Intelligence Podcast Series
• Executive Viewpoint Articles
• Executive Forum Videos

Attend Our Leadership Webinars

Dr. Sam Potolicchio, President of the Preparing Global Leaders Forum, kicked off our Business Intelligence Podcast series this spring with the podcast “Difficult Decisions in Dynamic Times.” If you recall (possibly with either joy or revulsion), Russell Wilson threw a game ending pick to Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl XLIX. Although public opinion rendered the pass a terrible coaching decision, Potolicchio explains how the data leads to a different conclusion. Like Pete Carroll, executives also have to make tough calls under pressure.  To learn about the heuristics you should employ to strengthen your decision-making process, watch this archived webinar.

Sam Potolicchio will host his next Business Intelligence Webinar, “Leadership Legacy: Coaching the Next Generation” at 11 AM on June 20. Register now to gain valuable insight about mentorship.

Hear from Executives in our Podcasts

In our Business Intelligence Center, you can access podcasts that feature the insight of supply chain leaders. Listen to Steele Solutions talk about core values and Mitsubishi Electric Automation discuss operational performance.

In addition to our Business Intelligence Center, our members also have access to the following centers:

Market Intelligence Center
Supply Chain Sustainability Resource Center

If you are interested in gaining access to these webinars, podcasts, and other exclusive resources, learn more about joining MHI.