New MHI Solutions Issue Focuses on Supply Chain Visibility

Visibility is at the forefront of the recently published MHI Solutions magazine. From automation to advanced analytics, the articles in this Q3 issue dissect how companies can build more transparency into their operations.

Describing existing technologies as archipelagos, a feature on end-to-end supply chain visibility asks how you bridge the communication gap between IoT devices. Another story examines the challenges associated with achieving better transparency in the automotive industry. It details how both a semiconductor shortage and new legislation are forcing the industry to fixate on visibility.

Automation is another critical part of the path to creating visibility.  An article by the MHI Solutions Community addresses the challenge of adding robots to space-restricted warehouses.

Inside this issue, you can also learn about the MHI Annual Conference this fall.  Come learn how to impact your future at this interactive thought leadership event at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.