New Technology Drives the Hoist Industry Forward

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

The hoisting equipment sector may be both stable and mature—but that doesn’t negate the work of the Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI), nor does it signal that the sector will always remain that way.

HMI, a 107-year-old organization, represents suppliers of hoists and trolleys and, throughout its history, has developed performance and safety standards for the industry. That work will continue to be important to HMI’s mission, said Rob Beightol, marketing director for MHI member Gorbel. Beightol became president of HMI in 2024.

“With companies struggling to hire workers, we want to make sure the safety side of overhead lifting is always being addressed. With a lot of newer workers to the field, we want them to look to HMI for materials and webinars to assist them with creating and maintaining a safety environment…

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