New Video Shows How EASE is Making Work Easy

What’s not to love about improved work conditions? A new video highlights case studies on ergonomic solutions designed to improve work safety from ergonomic, safety, and accessibility standpoints. The video was produced by the Ergonomics Assist Systems and Equipment (EASE) Council Industry Group of MHI.

“The new case study video from EASE is a great way to bring awareness both in and out of our industry to ergonomic solutions, whether someone’s knowledge is extensive or perhaps they’re new to the industry. It’s also a great tool to bring awareness to the value of the EASE Council as a collective,” said Amy Blueter, EASE Chair and representative of Kinetic Technologies, LLC.

EASE Council members work to promote the practice of good ergonomics in the workplace by providing solutions across a broad spectrum of applications and industries. They present at various industry events, develop training materials and collaborate with NIOSH and the academic community. Learn more about the mission of EASE.

EASE Seminar at ProMat

If you are attending ProMat 2023, remember to mark your calendar for March 20. At 12:45, EASE will hold its education seminar, “Maximize Workplace Safety and Minimize Risk: Ask an Ergonomist.” It’s one of the 150+ education seminars offered to ProMat attendees.