Pivot Strategically

Pivot Strategically into Your next Opportunity: Webinar Now Available Online

By Morgan Cruz, MHI Marketing Content Coordinator |@mhi_morgan

Jenny Blake, career and business strategist presented a popular webinar called PIVOT: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One on May 18th hosted by MHI’s Young Professionals Network. Of course when I hear the word “pivot” I can’t help but remember good ol’ Ross and his couch pivot scene from Friends.

Anyways, in case you missed it, here are a few highlights from the webinar on how to PIVOT, PIVOT, PIVOT!

Jenny defined a Career PIVOT as;

A methodical shift in a new related direction based on a foundation of your strengths and what is already working.

She explained that job hopping and career pivoting is more common and frequent now. The “what’s next” feeling happens to people at all ages, career stages, and at all job salary levels. The job environment has changed now as certain economic factors  – including technology, globalization, automation, and outsourcing – have caused companies to be less stable. Employees don’t stay in the same place for long just as companies must constantly adjust to the changing world around them.

Pivot Strategically

She encourages a career pivot to happen in a new but related direction instead of jumping into a 180 degree change. If you focus on what you do know and what is working, you can use these strengths as your solid foundation when pivoting towards something new that you might not know about as well. In other words, sometimes a career transition requires baby steps (smaller ways to pivot) to be successful.

Career pivots are a product of success, so next time you hit a plateau or don’t know where to look for your next opportunity, don’t take it as a negative towards you, it is a normal part of life. During the latter part of the webinar Jenny asks a series of questions to help you figure out your next career move. Experience the interactive workshop and view recording here.