Security & Supply Chain: The Dark Side of e-Commerce

by Sterling J. Scott, Marketing Communications Coordinator, MHI | @mhi_sterling

E-commerce is growing in popularity worldwide in both developed and developing markets as Internet access expands and mobile device sales soar. Consumers appreciate the ease of ordering online as it eliminates trips to stores and having to carry currency or cards. More and more consumer financial data is being stored online and in smart-devices. While this provides greater physical security, it exposes consumers to greater risk as it makes the data easier to access.

With the recently-leaked celebrity photos, public concern with data security has increased. Many websites, including those of retailers, have been victim to hackers , compromising consumer login credentials and even financial information. eBay is now under the microscope as a team of investigators at the BBC have identified dangerous listings being used to obtain consumers’ personal data. The team discovered the following:

“Innocent user accounts were hijacked in order to place the fake listings. Many of the accounts had 100% positive feedback, and had sold hundreds of items.

One victim who had his account hijacked told the BBC he was locked out of his account – and later billed “around £35″ by eBay to cover seller’s fees for items he had not auctioned.

When customers clicked on a listing that had been compromised, they were brought to a sophisticated, official-looking site that asked victims to log in and share bank account details.

The types of items used to target victims ranged from smartphones and televisions to hot tubs and clothing.”

– Dave Lee & Leo Kelion, BBC

eBay is a trusted site and one of the most trusted e-commerce sites. As one of the largest and most advanced, it still fell victim. This highlights concerns with the security of e-commerce. Every company, especially retailers, engaged in e-commerce from a selling or buying side, should have secure systems in place that protect the business and its customers.

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