SHOWpro Tips: The Best Use of Social Media for Supply Chain Companies

SHOWpro continues today in Atlanta with another day of marketing and exhibition content designed to help supply chain professionals thrive at MODEX 2024 – as well as post show.

Marketing trends for 2024 is one of the prime topics featured at SHOWpro. With social media becoming an increasingly noisy space, you might wonder how to best utilize your posts for an ROI. Well…it turns out that ROI might be the wrong way view social media.

In her presentation about “The Future of Tech in Marketing,” CEO of Zen Media Shama Hyder explained that it’s nearly impossible to show ROI from social media. Comments and engagement usually don’t transfer to conversion. Instead, savvy marketers should use social media to help shape perceptions of their company as a trustworthy brand. When someone makes a purchasing decision on behalf of their company, they are terrified of making a bad investment, Hyder explains. If they perceive you as a reliable partner, it gives you an advantage.

Now before you schedule 25 testimonials on LinkedIn about the infinite benefits of your product, there is something else you need to know: People don’t care about your product. They care about themselves.

Ah. Well that makes it more difficult to paste that generic post into Facebook that you asked ChatGPT to write about your product. Instead, Hyder encourages marketers to dig into their customers’ mindsets. What is their identity? What would buying your product say about THEM?  Once you figure that out, use your social media to craft messaging that aligns with their identity.

Although this might sound like more work upfront (which it is), don’t get hung up on being perfect. The short attention span of social media consumers is both a blessing and curse. Your most articulate and artistic post might only get a 2-second look, but so will that post with a glaring typo.

Keep throwing posts up to stay at top of mind of potential customers.  Brand awareness is key, Hyder says, even if you can’t actually prove that it leads to sales.

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