Supply Chain Podcasts You Can Download Today

If you are a commuter, runner, walker, or master level multitasker, you probably are always hunting for a new podcast. Have you tuned into MHIcast yet? It’s a great way to stay informed about current supply chain trends and get personal career development tips. Here is a roundup of the podcasts you are going to want to download for your next car trip:

Personal networking: Personal networking has many advantages for individuals and their companies. It allows you to gain perspective from outside your immediate circle and can help in a professional journey. Here are some tips to improve your networking abilities…

The Responsible Supply Chain: We speak with several guests to delve deeper into the 2023 version of the MHI Annual Industry Report, which offers a comprehensive overview of industry trends, perspectives, and case studies.

Operational Performance: In this episode of MHI Business Intelligence Podcast, we’re going to chat with Toyota Material Handling, NA CEO Brett Wood and Mitsubishi Electric Automation CEO Scott Summerville about how operational performance shapes their company philosophies.

Core Values and Techniques: In this episode of the MHI Business Intelligence Podcast Series, we’re going to chat with Kevin O’Neill of Steele Solutions and Brian Reh of Gorbel about how core values shape their companies.

AI and Last Mile Delivery: With consistent innovations in technology and ongoing demand, supply chains have to stay on top of the latest innovations. We’re diving into how artificial intelligence can play a role in optimizing last-mile delivery.

Leading Trends of 2023: We’ll talk to experts to learn the trends driving 2023.

Jobs of Tomorrow Topics: We’ll talk with industry leaders to discuss emerging solutions and the challenges they’ve noticed in disruptive technologies.

Need More Podcasts?

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There are, of course, options outside of MHI. Here is a good list of podcasts related to supply chain management