Sustainability in a Time of High Interest Rates and Elevated Costs

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

Sustainability mandates are gaining steam against a backdrop of high interest rates, high labor costs and elevated costs. For many businesses, this push to embrace sustainability may appear like another cost center adding to the cost pile-on that threatens corporate profitability. While that can be true, it does not need to be the case. In the current environment, prioritizing cash flow is critical.

Fortunately, several sustainability strategies can potentially help you reduce your environmental footprint while also improving your cash flow.

Strategy 1: Recycling

One of the easiest, high-value sustainability activities that a company can implement is recycling. Metals recycling in particular can be a valuable source of revenue for a manufacturer. If you do not have a recycling program in place, it may be worth contacting several recyclers in your area. If you do have an industrial recycling program in place, you may be able to improve its profitability.

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