Sustainability and the Supply Chain – is it Feasible?

Well, I don’t have the answer to that question. Sustainability, going green, eco-friendly, whatever you want to call it – is such a huge undertaking – especially on a grand scale such as warehouses and large buildings.

In fact, I think many people bypass the concept because of the amount of money, time and effort that these practices take to implement.

However, this year at ProMat a familiar face will discuss a different strategy to implement sustainability within the supply chain. Steve Thomas, the former host of the beloved show, This Old House will talk about how companies can start going green.

His stance: start at home. Get into habits that you can take to work. Start small and grow. Interesting idea and something I think might sound easier than it is!

Steve will also be joined by other experts in the industry to discuss other aspects of sustainability including LEED certification, trends and the future of sustainability in the industry.

There will also be a segment about where the industry will be in 2030 in regards to sustainability – a great way to see if you and your company are moving in the right direction.

Be sure to register to attend! You don’t want to miss out.