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How Do You Build A Successful Career in Supply Chain?

By M. Dave Malenfant Have you ever asked yourself how you started your supply chain career? You may be surprised by the answer. In my particular case, I was asked to “run the warehouse,” mainly because no one else would […]

Eleven Ways to Diversify the Supply Chain: Insights from the Field

By Devon Birch, MHI Director of Membership Although more than 11 million people work in the supply chain—representing 8.6 percent of the nation’s workforce— a shortage of skilled workers persists. An estimated 600,000 manufacturing positions in the United States are […]

Love your Supply Chain Career?

by Carol Miller, MHI VP of Marketing and Communications Although well understood within the industry, the general public has—by and large—failed to recognize the significance of supply chain jobs to business and to the overall economy. The story needs to […]

Collaborating with Supply Chain Education

Patterson, CA is right off Interstate 5. It’s roughly an hour and a half from the San Francisco Bay, and the high property values in the nearby city have made the town of roughly 20,000 an ideal place for an […]

Developing a Talent Management Strategy

Having difficulty finding the necessary talent for your supply chain team? It’s time for a new approach. “The supply chain has evolved over the last decade or so into a complex orientation that combines a number of different traditional functions […]

Emerging Technologies Produce Business Benefits and Talent Challenges

Wearable technology, 3D printing, advanced robotics, real-time shipment tracking and integrated business planning tools are just a few examples of technologies that are in place now, or will be in the near future, throughout the supply chain. These advances have […]

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