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Supply Chain Focus Turns to Omni Channel for Apparel

When it comes to material handling and supply chain in apparel, the systems may be as outdated as bell bottoms and paisley prints. A confluence of trends affecting retail more broadly may require a bit of a makeover. Much of […]

“The True Cost” Reveals Who Really Pays for Your Clothing

by Morgan Cruz, Marketing Content Coordinator, MHI | @mhi_morgan The True Cost is a ground-breaking documentary film that tells a story about the clothing supply chain. It’s about the clothes we buy, the workers who make them, and the impact the […]

urban logistics and distribution is changing to meet new speed requirements

MHI view just released a new video on urban logistics and distribution. In the video, David Johnston, senior vice president of manufacturing & distribution at JDA Software, shares how retailers can meet the new speed requirements through altering their storefront […]

The Evolving Nature of Fulfillment

In addition to four keynote sessions, the MHI 2015 Annual Conference will include six expert panel sessions. These sessions offer a great opportunity to network and problem-solve with your peers on topics ranging supply chain management systems and omni-channel fulfillment to automation […]

Target joins major retailers to item-level RFID tagging

Target is joining a growing number of US retailers with item-level RFID programs. Macy’s, American Apparel. Walmart, JC Penney, Kohl’s and Dillard’s all with programs in various stages of deployment. “We’re now working with key vendors on a fast-tracked timeline […]

MHI’s Ergonomic Assist Systems and Equipment (EASE) announces the publication of Ergonomic Solutions for Retailers

Ergonomic Solutions for Retailers is now available from the Ergonomic Assist Systems and Equipment (EASE) Council of MHI. Designed for retailers and safety experts, this NIOSH booklet has a goal to prevent MMH (manual material handling) injuries in grocery stores. […]

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