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Predictive Maintenance Can Maximize Facility’s Potential

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine If you’ve ever noticed that your car gets substantially worse mileage per gallon than was advertised at the dealership, then you understand why predictive and preventative maintenance are so essential to warehouse operations. In the […]

ASRS Offer Innovation and Increased Safety

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine The members of MHI’s Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems industry group, or ASRS, can help warehouses and distribution centers become more efficient, improve safety and better manage their workforces. To meet the ever-increasing demands of […]

Future-Proofing Warehouses: Upskilling for the AI Revolution

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine Warehouses have long served as test labs for automation. In 1962, MHI member Demag installed the first automated storage and retrieval system at a book club warehouse in Germany. From there, innovation led to the […]

“Jobs of Tomorrow”: Charging Forward: Electric Vehicles for the Supply Chain

Picture a Roomba’s efficiency, now imagine it in the form of electric forklifts and autonomous mobile robots silently revolutionizing the way goods move beneath the warehouse roofs. Well, buckle up because, in this electrifying Jobs of Tomorrow episode, we’re not […]

New Resources to Help Build Warehousing Industry Knowledge

Experience three new opportunities to learn through access to research-driven industry information from WERC.   Article from MHI Solutions Magazine Key to the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) is our mission to create unparalleled learning experiences, networking opportunities and […]

Successful Warehouse Automation a Matter of Due Diligence

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine With the current state of the labor market—and the ever-increasing need for efficiency in operations—questions about making warehouse automation successful abound. Plenty of folks are feeling pressured, yet are still on the fence about what […]

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