After Peak Season, Take a Deep Dive into Your Data

In a sense, managing a warehouse or distribution center is like coaching a football team. First, you prepare for the big game, then you play it, and then you watch film to evaluate the team’s performance. Hopefully, small improvements over time result in many more wins than losses.

For shippers, the big game is peak season, and as the calendar turns to 2023, logistics professionals are heading into their version of the film room, using data to measure operational performance during peak season. Brian Poveromo, director of facilities and maintenance at American Eagle, said that process includes examining every equipment failure or downtime incident—or, to stick with the football metaphor just a bit longer, the costly turnovers.

Poveromo said that after peak season, American Eagle uses data analytics to determine what led to those failures and if anything can be done to prevent them. When a belt breaks down or a variable frequency drive on a motor fails, for example, he’ll look back to verify whether his maintenance team had performed preventative maintenance as scheduled…

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