The People Side

At ProMat 2011 one of our educational tracks will focus on “The people-side of the supply chain” the session will hit on topics such as diversity, peer learning, 20-somethings in the workforce as well as what you are worth and why.

Since the economic downturn, people have had to significantly cut staffing. Even while the economy looks like it may slowly be recovering, we are still seeing high unemployment rates.

This is due, in part, to companies realizing they can do more with less. If a company has been able to survive with 20 people working in the warehouse and not 50, they may not hire the additional 30 people even when business is back to normal.

While this may be great for the bottom line it can be quite a strain on the people who do have jobs. They have more work, less help and many times are making less money than before.

Because of this it is crucial, now more than ever, for companies to focus on their employees to ensure they feel appreciated and are satisfied with their job situation. If not, companies will create an unhealthy, unproductive and toxic work environment.

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