Welcome to ProMatDX Sneak Peek Week April 5-9

ProMatDX, held April 12-16, 2021, has officially launched Sneak Peek Week from April 5-9 where you can go to promatshow.com and plan your ProMatDX experience by adding sessions and product demos to your personal calendars, connect with sponsors and set up video meetings with selected solution providers. Start engaging today so you are ready to hit the ground running when ProMatDX begins. If you have not already registered, be sure to do so at promatshow.com/register. Registration is free to all attendees!

ProMatDX Sneak Peek Week allows you to:

Attend Today’s ProMatDX’s How To Webinar on Navigating the ProMatDX Platform 

April 5, 2021 ET | 1:00 PM

ProMatDX Sneak Peek Week with begin with an introductory webinar on navigating the ProMatDX Platform. Learn how the ProMatDX digital platform works and enjoy a more productive ProMatDX experience as a result. The April 5 webinar, How to Navigate the ProMatDX Platform and Maximize GRIP AI Matchmaking and Video Meetings at ProMatDX, will teach you how to use the AI matchmaking technology built into ProMatDX to help foster relationships and set-up meetings.

Register for the April 5 Webinar

Set up Your Profile and Utilize GRIP AI-Solution Matchmaking and Request Live Video Meetings With Sponsors

ProMatDX makes finding the right solution provider simple through GRIP AI-solution matchmaking. Take the guess work out of your ProMatDX experience and allow GRIP AI-driven technology to match you with your interests and needs. Get started by filling out your GRIP profile during ProMatDX Sneak Peak Week April 5-9.

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Connect with Sponsors and Add Product Demos to Your Personal Calendar

ProMatDX Sneak Peek week will allow you to schedule video meetings with leading solution providers from industry, commerce and government. You will also be able to add product demos showcasing leading technology and innovation to your personal calendar.

View showcases

View product demos

Add Educational Offerings, Networking and Keynote Sessions to Your Personal Calendar

ProMatDX will include over 100 education and 4 keynote sessions from leading experts in the supply chain and material handling industry to give you the latest information on manufacturing and supply chain trends, technologies and innovations. At ProMatDX Sneak Peek Week, you will be able to add education sessions to your calendar and reserve your spot at keynote roundtable and networking sessions.

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View education sessions

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Let Others Know You’ll be at ProMatDX on Social Media

Get started making valuable connections with sponsors and other attendees pre-show during ProMatDX Sneak Peek Week. Follow @PoweredByMHI on Twitter® and join the ProMatDX LinkedIn® group. Also, be sure to use the official event hashtag, #ProMatShow.

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