WERC’s Salary Survey Report is Your Guide to Competitive Pay

If you work in logistics, we don’t have to tell you that finding and retaining workers for warehouses and distribution centers is tough! A key element to getting the right team in place is offering competitive pay. To help you make better-informed decisions about compensation and attract employees, WERC has recently released its 2023 Warehousing & Logistics Salary Survey Report.

The Report is Based on Comprehensive Data

The salary survey report is based on a survey of nearly 200 companies, including members of MHI, WERC, and the International Warehouse Logistics Association. The survey was coordinated by HR Source, a third-party employers association.  HR Source also tabulated the survey data and produced the final report.

What the Report Tells You

Using the report, you can view salaries for more than 20 job titles in warehousing and logistics. A sample of some of the titles referenced include:

• Warehouse Associate
• Forklift Operator
• Shipping/Receiving Clerk
• Warehouse Supervisor
• Industrial Engineer
• Vice President of Logistics

To help you better establish pay, the report also gives you several important demographic factors, including:

• warehouse size
• geographic region
• education level
• union status
• years of experience

How to Access the Report

If you participated in the salary survey, you are entitled to a complimentary copy of the report. WERC members, who did not participate, can purchase for $200; while non-members can purchase for $550.  To receive a discount on the report, consider becoming a WERC member.  You can get the report and a full year of WERC membership for $485.

If you have more questions about the 2023 Warehousing & Logistics Salary Survey Report, or about WERC membership, contact JoAnna Leon at jleon@werc.org.