Workforce Sustainability: Viewing Employees Through a Fresh Lens

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

I hear it often: “When it comes to employee retention, we’re all having the same issues. We’ve all struggled to attract and keep talent.”

Many of us have gone through cultural rebranding. We’ve put in the time to define ourselves through sensible and measurable core competencies, and we have leadership that has bought into those values and manages to them on a daily basis. Maybe we’ve even created a solid onboarding program to ensure incoming talent feels the culture from day one. And yet, we just can’t seem to hire the people we’re looking for.

I’ve been wondering: Is it because we’re still approaching the whole idea of human resources the way we always have, considering our people as just a resource?

As this issue of MHI Solutions explores sustainability, I’ve been thinking a lot about how that might apply to those who work with us. What if we saw employees through the lens of workforce sustainability? In this view, they’re not just expendable resources to be used up and discarded. They’re valued long-term, supported and encouraged to reach their full potential, and not just at their jobs…

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