10 Tips for Successful Virtual Meetings

The reliance on virtual platforms to connect internally and externally has grown exponentially over the past seven months.  Many of you are finding that the transition from a face-to-face to a virtual environment is not a simple translation. Whether a routine team meeting or an event that requires more pre-planning, there are skills and practice involved to make it successful for both participants and presenters.

Here are ten tips to help you be a savvy virtual presenter or meeting leader.

1. Learn the platform and the functionality – the more familiar you and your teams are with the tools, the fewer distractions.

2. Open the meeting before the start time to “greet” attendees. The more attendees expected, the earlier you will want to open the meeting.

3. Have any documents or URLs that will be shared, open, and ready to go. Close all other programs.

4. Have a back-up presenter – technology can have hiccups. Having someone on standby keeps the meeting going and everyone engaged. Overcoming problems can be opportunities to shine!

5. Larger meetings can benefit from a support person to help with monitoring the chat, technical issues, taking attendance, and minimizing distractions for presenters.

6. Communicate upfront- this can vary based on the meeting objectives. Housekeeping is an important part of opening comments. Items to consider:
– What level of engagement or interaction is expected?
– Webcams – yes/no?
– Mute/unmute?
– Record session?

7. Make slides more visual, less text.

8. Test any videos in advance of the meeting.

9. Multiple presenters? Coordinate and practice the meeting flow with all involved.

10. Send follow up notes and make presentation items available.

If your meeting, training, or program is more involved, we have developed an infographic to guide you through all phases from pre-planning to post-event.

What is your virtual best practice or tip?  Let others know by starting a discussion in the Forums section on the My MHI app (available for download on Apple and Google App stores).