3 Ways Industrial Guardrail Prevents Damage

By MHI Industry Group, ProGMA

Industrial guardrail may not be the first thing you think about when you’re planning out your facility, but it’s an important component in the safety and security of your process. Here are three quick ways that industrial guarding can prevent damage — to both product and people.

1. Protecting Pallet Racking

With guardrail installed, if a forklift goes off track, the guardrail prevents the forklift from getting too close to the pallet rack, which prevents items from being knocked off of shelves onto employees. Guardrail keeps the moving machinery at a distance, decreasing the chance of an accident.

2. Exit Door

Guardrail near or around an exit door prevents people from walking into active areas — meaning people cannot walk directly into the path of moving equipment. With guardrail in potential paths, it can make people to stop and assess their surroundings before continuing.

3. Protecting Interior Modular Buildings

If a forklift bumps into an office building, that can cause items inside to fall off the walls, injuring those inside. With guardrail installed, it can eliminate these potential avenues of injury and also keeps the building from being damaged, saving money.

Guardrail is an easy-entry way to protect against the human factor in a warehousing or distribution facility. To learn more about how guardrail can work for you, visit mhi.org/progma to talk to an industry-leading expert.