5 Reasons to Bring Your Team to MODEX 2024

MODEX, coming to Atlanta March 11-14, will be the biggest supply chain event of 2024. With so many opportunities to see the latest innovation, get educated, and connect with your peers and thought leaders, it’s also a great opportunity for you to bring your entire team and divide and conquer all that MODEX has to offer. 

MODEX offers value that your manufacturing, warehouse, logistics and supply chain teams simply can’t get elsewhere. When your team attends MODEX, they will see the latest innovations in-person, in-action and can together determine how they could apply to your specific operations. Beyond that, they can learn new skills and impactful trends, make new connections, expose your organization to new ideas, problem-solving, and so much more.

Here are our top 5 reasons to bring your team to MODEX:

1. Networking Opportunities

Attending MODEX gives your team the opportunity to interact with other professionals in their field. They can meet their peers, converse with industry experts, and make lasting connections.

2. Skill Development

MODEX features keynote presentations and show floor sessions from industry experts and supply chain influencers. These sessions aim to teach attendees new skills, best practices, impactful trends, and actionable ways to achieve long-term success. As long as your team are attentive and eager to learn, they’ll leave with new tools and ideas to incorporate into in their day-to-day workflow.

3: Solution Sourcing

MODEX will feature the equipment, tech and innovation of over 1,175 of the leading supply chain solution providers. Attending as a team gives you the ability to divide and conquer all that MODEX has to offer and see the latest and greatest solutions our industry has to offer and imagine, as a team, how these solutions can impact your operations.

4. Inspiration

Every employee’s motivation dips from time to time. When you go through the same routine every single day, it’s natural to lose focus or burn out. MODEX provides a great opportunity to step away from the day-to-day monotony of work and experience something fresh and exciting.

5) Attendance at MODEX is free

MODEX offers all the exhibits, keynotes and show floor session at no cost to attendees. MODEX also offers convenient Attendee Group Registration to make it easy to register all your team for complimentary admission.

To learn more and register your team for MODEX, visit modexshow.com.