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Enhance your leadership skills to recruit and retain your workforce

As the year ended, several articles were on LinkedIn, Forbes, and other outlets where influencers, writers, and companies shared their Year in Review. As expected, topics included the status of 2022 and 2023 projections and trends. While the topics are […]

Building Cyber-Resilient Supply Chains – MHI Solutions Q1 2023

By John Paxton, Chief Executive Officer, MHI The pandemic coupled with supply chain disruptions have led to an increased urgency for the digital transformation of supply chain operations. A defined digital strategy leads to more streamlined and more efficient supply […]

Remote Work and the Supply Chain

This episode of MHI’s “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries examines how the remote work trend is impacting the supply chain, a traditionally more hands-on industry where many workers must be in-person to complete their role. Watch the “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries […]

Collaborative Automation: Your Future Coworkers in an E-commerce World

This episode of MHI’s “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries, sponsored by Kindred, examines how the use of collaborative robots in distribution centers can help human workers avoid endless repetitive work. And with the help of robots, even physically disadvantaged people can […]

Tell Us How Innovation Adoption is Impacting Your Supply Chain

MHI and Deloitte recently launched the MHI Annual Industry Report Survey. The survey will uncover insights into leading trends and the impact of emerging tech on supply chains. The report will be available in March 2023 at ProMat and you will […]

Gartner sets top supply chain tech themes for 2022

According to a recent Gartner survey of 211 supply chain professionals, 34% of respondents say that adapting to new technology is the most important strategic change supply chain they will face in the coming five years.  With the increasing pressure […]

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