8 warehouse challenges you can solve at the 2023 WERC Conference

From labor and data challenges to the explosive growth of e-commerce, no topic is off the table at the 2023 WERC Annual Conference. Attending puts you in the same room with front-line innovators, thought leaders and industry peers who have found new ways to thrive amid this disruption.

Our speakers are passionate about delivering the impactful, future-forward tactics you need to hear about. Here are eight sessions that will provide actionable tactics that you can take back and implement into your operations. Learn from them and arm yourself with fresh insights on efficiency and productivity best practices.

1-How to Cut Costs and Navigate Inflation
Inflation is forcing supply chain operations to navigate a new economic reality. Learn the opportunities within this disruption and what others are doing to contain and cut costs while maintaining operational performance. 

2-Using Simulation Modeling to Improve Productivity and Throughput in E-Commerce Distribution
Learn how The Gap used dynamic simulation to rapidly assess, select, and implement e-commerce distribution center (DC) improvements.

3-Best Practices for Building and Maintaining a Personal Network
Learn and share ways to initiate new connections and maintain existing ones; explore how networks contribute to personal and professional success; and how networking is changing in today’s virtual world. 

4-Techniques to Bridge the Transition to a New Automated Solution
Implementing automation solutions on any scale can disrupt the flow existing operations. Discover how to bridge the gap between existing and new processes, and steps to mitigate setbacks.

5-Refining Culture for Talent Retention: Why It’s Worth the Effort
Learn how to create and reinforce a culture where employees that protects and retains your team and learn why “Quiet Quitting” and other trends are symptoms of a toxic culture.

6-Explore Emerging Digital Technologies
This interactive discussion you will explore emerging supply chain technologies, how they can impact your operations, and when to invest in them. 

7-How Industry 4.0 Is Impacting Warehousing Ergonomics and Safety
This session explores smart collaborative robotics, autonomous mobile robots, and wearable technologies—and how they are changing the roles of your warehousing team.

8-DC Measures 2023: Explore the Latest Developments in Distribution Strategies, Operational Metrics, and ESG
Hear the latest findings from the 20th Annual WERC DC Measures report. The session will cover not only the latest developments in distribution strategies and operational metrics, but also the increasing impact of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

This is just a sampling of what you will experience at the 2023 WERC Conference. The conference is coming to the Hilton Orlando June 4-7 and includes keynotes, thought leader sessions, facility tours and peer-2-peer discussion sessions. 

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