A WERC Membership Can Boost Your Career in Warehousing and Logistics

The march toward automation and sustainability is altering job descriptions for those in the warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment industry. As episode 4 of MHI’s Jobs of Tomorrow docuseries shows, the introduction of robotics has resulted in many positive changes. For example, robots have assumed some of the dangerous and repetitive tasks previously assigned to humans. However, if you work in the warehousing and logistics industry, automation could trigger some anxiety about your future jobs prospects. The Warehousing Education, and Research Council (WERC) is well positioned to help you thrive in this dynamic industry.

Build Your Network with a WERC Membership

One of the biggest selling points of becoming a WERC member is the access you gain to exclusive networking opportunities. As this Forbes article details, networking is essential because it can give you support from high profile individuals and help you build relationships that can lead to your next career opportunity. WERC provides numerous opportunities to engage with industry peers,  including joining a WERC local chapter (aka: WERCouncil) and the MHI Solutions Community.  Upon joining WERC, you also earn access to its online member directory, enabling you to connect to leaders at every level in the supply chain industry.

Get Noticed

With a WERC membership, you can position yourself as a thought leader in the warehousing and logistics industry. You can contribute to MHI Solutions magazine, MHIview, and MHIcast–channels that command the attention of thousands of  viewers in the supply chain industry.

Learn New Warehousing and Logistics Practices

With the rapidly changing warehouse landscape, it is crucial to evolve your skillset. WERC prides itself on offering its members a wealth of educational opportunities to help them advance in their careers. For example, its Distribution Logistics Fundamentals e-learning course helps workers new to the logistics industry learn key processes and technologies. WERC also keeps members informed through complimentary live webinars and access to its webinar archive.

WERC Membership is Affordable

Practitioners, suppliers, consultants, and 3PLs can reap the benefits of WERC membership for $285 a year.  Group membership pricing is also extended to practitioner organizations. Are you an educator? If so, you can join for just $100 per year. WERC welcomes full-time students for free!

Along with your WERC membership comes major savings on such professional development opportunities as the MHI Industry Leadership Program and the WERC Annual Conference. When you register for this June 4-7 conference as a member, you save $400 on fees.

Join WERC and Begin Upskilling

In a blog post about the implications of automation upon the workforce, Deloitte states that, “Adapting to the new operational conditions will require upskilling workers and shifting from a primarily low-skilled workforce in warehouses to semi-skilled or highly skilled workers.” The good news about this shift, is that it is predicted to result in higher pay for workers. With WERC’s heavy focus on continuing education, membership is an investment that will pay off.