ACE Rebrand Signals New Era in Material Handling

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

MHI’s Electrification and Controls Manufacturers Association (ECMA) rebranded in 2023 as the Automation, Controls and Electrification Association (ACE), signifying a new era of innovation in industrial automation and material handling.

ACE members are at the forefront of delivering automation solutions across the globe, spanning significant manufacturing and distribution sectors. This includes a range of cutting-edge offerings such as controls systems, drives, motors, I/Os, HMIs, safety devices, vision systems, sensors, weighing mechanisms and cabling solutions, plus all the included software, all working synergistically to elevate productivity in material handling.

The impetus for rebranding to ACE was to have an industry group within MHI that would serve the automation, controls and electrification needs across the entire material handling ecosystem—everything from the shaft of the motor all the way to the factory network or cloud, said ACE vice chair Dan Barrera, sales product manager at MHI member Bosch Rexroth…

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