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“Jobs of Tomorrow”: The Final Stretch: Optimizing the Last Mile

Embark on a revealing journey through the intricacies of last-mile logistics in the latest episode of “Jobs of Tomorrow” Season 2, “The Final Stretch: Optimizing the Last Mile.” This installment offers insights into the challenges confronting the supply chain industry […]

“Jobs of Tomorrow” From Newbies to Ninjas: Gamifying Workforce for Future-proof Supply Chains

In the latest episode of MHI’s Jobs of Tomorrow docuseries, we get an inside look at the supply chain industry and its leaps forward in cultivating a robust and future-ready workforce. Imagine burning the midnight oil in your dorm room, […]

Sustainability Makes Good Business Sense, Say CSS Members

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine Everyone is focusing on sustainability these days, including the manufacturers of conveyor and sortation systems. Members of MHI’s Conveyor and Sortation Systems (CSS) industry group are making their products—and operations—more sustainable. It’s good for all […]

C-Suite for a New Warehouse Management System

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine If warehouse workers are constantly bumping into each other while navigating high-traffic aisles, then hiring more manpower likely would add to the chaos instead of boosting throughput. Likewise, moving into a bigger warehouse, a tremendous […]

Robots, Automation and the Supply Chain Evolution

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine It is a modern mantra: “Technology will never be as bad as it is today.” In other words, as transformative as automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies already are to supply chain matters, they […]

Successful Warehouse Automation a Matter of Due Diligence

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine With the current state of the labor market—and the ever-increasing need for efficiency in operations—questions about making warehouse automation successful abound. Plenty of folks are feeling pressured, yet are still on the fence about what […]

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