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ACE Rebrand Signals New Era in Material Handling

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine MHI’s Electrification and Controls Manufacturers Association (ECMA) rebranded in 2023 as the Automation, Controls and Electrification Association (ACE), signifying a new era of innovation in industrial automation and material handling. ACE members are at the […]

Managing the Human-Tech Relationship in Supply Chains

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine It’s been a milestone year for artificial intelligence (AI), with generative AI technology like ChatGPT, Google’s Bard and Bing Chat capturing the public’s attention and generating a great deal of discussion about their potential for […]

Understand Trends in Contact and Wireless Charging Systems

Guest blog by MHI member company Conductix-Wampfler In 2023, the manufacturing industry experienced a digital resurgence with new automated technologies like machine learning tools, IoT devices, and robotic solutions – including AGV and AMRs. These solutions support data transfer needs […]

Future-Proofing Warehouses: Upskilling for the AI Revolution

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine Warehouses have long served as test labs for automation. In 1962, MHI member Demag installed the first automated storage and retrieval system at a book club warehouse in Germany. From there, innovation led to the […]

Executive Viewpoint: Bots, Automation and the COVID Effect

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine Back before COVID, our company, Kenco Group, was making investments in robotics and automation. We had an AutoStore Robotics Shuttle system. We had LocusBots. But we were just slowly adopting the technology. With COVID, we […]

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Automation: A Business Continuity Need

Guest blog by MHI Member Company, Storage Solutions, Inc. The warehouse industry is one of the most critical sectors in any economy. Businesses in this sector are responsible for handling the movement, storage, and distribution of goods and products, making […]

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