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Autonomous Planning

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine Autonomous planning is increasingly being embraced as a supply chain solution to augment the ongoing worker shortage. Requiring a closed-loop planning approach utilizing a fully automated technology platform, autonomously integrated systems have the ability to […]

Automation, AI and the Future of Supply Chains

By John Paxton, Chief Executive Officer, MHI One important lesson learned from the pandemic was the need to address the fragility of global supply chains. To mitigate the risk of future disruption, it’s become clear that firms need to automate […]

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine Automated solutions streamline operations in the pharmaceutical and health-products industry. Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur and television personality, made big news last January when his Cost Plus Drug Co. launched its online pharmacy, selling generic […]

“Jobs of Tomorrow”: Collaborative Automation

Some might see robots as a necessary evil. Given the gigantic uptick COVID-19 caused in e-commerce and the persistent labor shortages, it’s likely that your warehouse or distribution center has started to introduce this smart technology. In episode four of […]

Maximize Automated Equipment Uptime through Mitigation of Electromechanical Failures

Guest blog by MHI Members, HMS Automation in Modern Warehouses Automation is an ever-increasing presence in the modern warehouse.  Tasks that were handled manually are now handled by interconnected systems of conveyors, robots, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) and […]

New Video on MHI View: How Automation is Rising to the Challenge of Increased Customer Demand

E-commerce has revolutionized order processing, and supply chain professionals are rising to the challenge by embracing new, innovative forms of automation. With collaborative robots, increased customer assistance, and data analytics, distribution centers are evolving to meet increasing demand. In this […]

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