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Maximize Automated Equipment Uptime through Mitigation of Electromechanical Failures

Guest blog by MHI Members, HMS Automation in Modern Warehouses Automation is an ever-increasing presence in the modern warehouse.  Tasks that were handled manually are now handled by interconnected systems of conveyors, robots, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) and […]

New Video on MHI View: How Automation is Rising to the Challenge of Increased Customer Demand

E-commerce has revolutionized order processing, and supply chain professionals are rising to the challenge by embracing new, innovative forms of automation. With collaborative robots, increased customer assistance, and data analytics, distribution centers are evolving to meet increasing demand. In this […]

The Accelerating Adoption of Robotics and Automation

Article from MHI Solutions There’s little downtime these days at companies that provide robotics, automation and intelligent transportation management solutions for the supply chain. Since the pandemic hit, they’ve been flooded with requests for their products. David Clear, chief revenue […]

New Supply Chain Automation Technician Certification Supports Workforce Supply

Driven by COVID-19, the supply chain is seeing an increase in automation technology needed to keep up with a long-term shift towards e-commerce (orders shipped directly to consumers out of large distribution centers). The act of shopping online is not […]

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New video on MHI View: Increasing Flexibility with Robots

Robots have become a common addition to the DC. Not only are they now more affordable, but they also allow you to increase the flexibility of your operation. Now in distribution centers where smaller direct-to-consumer shipments are processed, being flexible […]


Software that Unlocks the Power of Automation

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine By John Paxton, MHI COO/CEO Designate It’s no secret that the ongoing labor shortage and consumers’ desire for ever-shorter delivery times have combined to pose a challenge for supply chains. These trends, combined with the […]

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