Benefits of Ergonomic Lifting Equipment

Guest Blog by MHI Member Company, TAWI

Ergonomics is the science of work. Ergonomics removes barriers to quality, productivity, and human performance by fitting products, tasks and environments to people.

So, what is the purpose of ergonomic lifting equipment in the workplace? Well first, it decreases the risk of injuries and illnesses. It also enhances worker productivity. And last but certainly not least, it improves the quality of work life.

Ergonomic lifting equipment decreases injuries

Injuries are mostly due to overexertion in lifting, pushing or pulling objects and holding, carrying or turning objects. These injuries occurred as a result of repetitive motion. This includes repetitive placing, grasping and moving objects from place to place.

According to the National Safety Council, the recommend weight that men should lift is no more than 55 lbs and women no more than 35 lbs. Lifting and forceful movements along with bending and twisting in awkward postures are all key factures to the cause of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders).

The direct cost of these injuries in the workplace include fees from workers comp premiums, case management, medical costs for surgery, medicine and rehab. In addition, the injuries indirectly cost businesses overtime pay, OSHA penalties, attorney fees, damages to equipment, materials & the facility, higher worker’s comp premiums as well as managerial costs due to the accident including inspections, investigations, meetings and administration.

Ergonomic lifting equipment enhances productivity

Workplace efficiency can be improved dramatically with solid ergonomic lifting equipment that offers ways to keep employees safe, stay effective, speed production process, and save companies time and money.

Injuries in the workplace cost businesses a loss in productivity, production down time, the time in replacing and training a new hire, delays in shipments and filling orders and a loss of production and services.

The quality of the workplace is improved with ergonomic lifting equipment

Warehouse workers, performing long hours of repetitive, heavy manual lifting had a rate of workers’ compensation claims for back injuries of 16 per 100 workers.

Make your workplace a safer workplace with ergonomic lifting equipment, that anyone can lift!