Career Power Boost at Emerging Leaders Conference – Chicago

by Morgan Cruz, MHI Marketing Content Coordinator

Are you a young professional looking to advance your career in material handling, logistics and supply chain?  If you are, then MHEDA and MHI are providing an excellent educational opportunity called the Emerging Leaders Conference right in the heart of Chicago on July 31.

This annual conference is an exciting one-day experience of fast paced programs where young professionals can network and learn about key aspects of leadership and how to build a career in this exciting and vibrant industry.

The conference addresses five areas of focus that will drastically accelerate your career and improve quality of life including

–Performing at Your Best
–Market Evolution
–Effectively Using Influence
–Leading Change
–Becoming a Better Leader.

An inspiring speaker line-up offers young professionals the opportunity to gain professional insight on these topics.

Performing at Your Best speaks to both personal and professional growth. The conference will teach young professionals how to increase work and life engagement while also maintaing a healthy balance between work and play.  Speaker and comedian Jeff Havens is hilarious and will provide an informative message that is sure to motivate every young professional to discover their path to a happy, well-balanced life that allows for optimal potential.

Market Evolution is a hot topic considering changing technology, media and communications. The Emerging Leaders Conference will stress the importance of online marketing by teaching young professionals how to establish a B2B social media strategy and social market plan. Attendees will hear Brian Bluff, co-founder of Site-Seeker, Inc. speak as a voice of experience in successful marketing and management.

Effectively Using Influence can make or break successful leadership. Learn how to work with the four types of leaders, avoid mistakes in dealing with office politics and learn how to use effective influencing skills to get ahead. Roberta Matuson, well known author and highly sought after expert in market leadership, will offer insights in effective leadership and the maximization of talent.

Leading Change may be challenging but very important to the prosperity of  your career and this industry as a whole. Discover ways to educate and motivate others to support new ideas. Also, become familiar with typical reactions to change and prepare for handling situations of resistance.  Speaker Jim Ripkey, has over 20 years of material handling and dealership experience in several different areas of leadership including marketing, operations, technology.

Becoming a Better Leader will take your career to new heights and help build strong professional relationships. It will help you become a leader that others are excited to follow. Learn how to give constructive criticism, set reasonable expectations and support a healthy corporate environment. Steve McClatchy, speaker, writer, consultant and founder of Alleer Training and Consulting is back by popular demand. Hear Steve’s advice on management, leadership and selling tactics.

The day will conclude with a reception at the Rock Bottom Brewery right in downtown Chicago. Enjoy appetizers and drinks while networking with other young professionals and experts in the industry.

Join MHEDA and MHI July 31, 2014 for a day of invaluable professional insight that will boost your career.

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