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Tech Is Empowering the Supply Chain Workforce

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine The focus on technology in supply chains is undeniable. We are now a tech-forward industry that uses tech to make operations more efficient, transparent and sustainable than ever before. This tech adoption has put our […]

“Jobs of Tomorrow”: Creating a Culture of Innovation

MHI’s “Jobs of Tomorrow” episode, “Creating a Culture of Innovation” opens with a resounding mantra: “Test fast, fail fast.” Beyond a mere catchphrase, this episode unravels a pivotal strategy reshaping workplaces into crucibles of innovation, paving the way for the […]

YPN Spotlight: Robyn Garrett – Shaping the Future of Material Handling

Discover how Robyn Garrett is helping to shape the future of the material handling industry through YPN In the evolving landscape of the material handling industry, a rising wave of young professionals is making their mark, infusing fresh energy and […]

“Jobs of Tomorrow” From Newbies to Ninjas: Gamifying Workforce for Future-proof Supply Chains

In the latest episode of MHI’s Jobs of Tomorrow docuseries, we get an inside look at the supply chain industry and its leaps forward in cultivating a robust and future-ready workforce. Imagine burning the midnight oil in your dorm room, […]


Webinar: How to Stay Engaged in Those Long… LONG Meetings

Register today Fri, Jun 14, 2019 | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT As a young professional, you are more often than not the victim of a bad meeting and not the protagonist. To help you learn to navigate those […]

The Next Generation of Workforce is On Their Way!

By Elizabeth Dempsey, Marketing Supervisor, MHI Member Company, DMW&H Within two years, more than 60 percent of the workforce will be Millennials and Nexters. How do we spark interest for this new generation to choose careers in material handling? Simple. Start developing […]

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