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Specialty Delivery Continues to Grow in Urban Centers

By Alex Batty, MHI Marketing Communications Coordinator |@mhi_alex Grocery delivery has been well-known and widely utilized service in Europe for a while. For example, major British grocery stores like Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, and Tesco all offer delivery of fresh groceries that […]

Challenges for the Economy and Material Handling in 2017, With Picture Brightening in 2018

By Jason Schenker, CFP®, ERP®, CVA®, Prestige Economics, LLC Slow global growth, Brexit fallout, oil and gas credit risks and U.S. election fallout continue to present risks for the year ahead. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) reported global growth at […]

Industry News Bites that May Affect Supply Chain

Supply chain and material handling are industries that live in a dichotomy. They will always be needed, but the accelerated pace of change in technology creates strange obsolescences that the industries have to quickly adapt to. Here are three news […]


Happy World Standards Day 2016!

Did you know today is World Standards Day? World Standards Day was launched in 1970 and is recognized and celebrated by nations around the world. The holiday celebrates the important role of stakeholders across the entire standards community including business leaders, industry, academia and […]

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The Outlook for the Economy, Material Handling and the Election

By Jason Schenker, Prestige Economics, LLC Hold on to your hats, because 2017 is likely to be a bumpy ride because of slowing global growth, Brexit fallout, oil and gas credit risks and election cyclicality! Lower global growth expectations Back […]

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The Panama Canal Expansion

Global trade patterns are expected to dramatically shift due to the recently expanded Panama Canal. The new set of locks, which opened in June, nearly triple the capacity of ships transiting the canal, from those able to carry 5,000 containers […]

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