Don’t Miss Jason Schenker’s COVID-19 Economic Update Webinars

Jason Schenker, President of Prestige Economics and Chairman of the Futurist Institute has been providing MHI members bi-weekly economic update webinars throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Schenker also provides exclusive reports via email to MHI members. The feedback has been very positive, and members appreciate the webinars and email reports. He examines current events and business news with an informed and rational perspective.

In Schenker’s most recent COVID-19 Economic Update Webinar presented on January 8th, he presented some good news: global manufacturing is improving after sharp declines in 2020 and e-commerce remains strong. The economist covered current events and headlines to help members understand the upside and downside risks.

Here are some additional highlights from the webinar:

– We might experience continued social unrest for a while.
– Estimating the true unemployment rate.
– Understanding inflation numbers.
– Potential policy changes in light of Democratic Senate control (taxes, healthcare, energy and climate, and more).
– In the “war for talent,” member companies may need to accommodate remote work to attract and retain highly educated workers.

COVID-19 Economic Update Webinars

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