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MHI Industry Leadership Program: Help Retain Talent by Building Strong Leaders

Registration Now Open for Cohort 2 – MHI Industry Leadership Program Register  Strong leaders in your organization can make or break talent retention. Did you know 50 percent of employees leave their job because of their manager? Another 82 percent […]

New Role Materializing: Communicator-in-Chief

Article from MHI Solutions Over the span of a few days last March, COVID-19 created an urgent need for organizations of all kinds to communicate critical information to their employees. Suddenly, the economic and operational challenges presented by the virus […]

5 Time Management Tips to Help You Become a Better Leader

by Chinét Bernier, Project Coordinator at MHI We have all been there: multiple meetings, taking care of our families, and to-do lists that are a mile long. At night you find yourself unable sleep because of the task you failed […]

New Video on MHI View: Cultivating Innovation Through Leadership

Leaders in business have the ability to drive employee innovation by improving their experience at work. Employees that are excited to come to work, feel fairly treated and feel they are doing something valuable for their organization are more likely […]

Building Cultures and Teams that Embrace Innovation

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine As more organizations work toward achieving a digital supply chain — investing heavily in a range of technologies (cloud computing, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, and more) to keep pace with […]


Three Steps To Successfully Gain Upper Management’s Support For An Ergonomic Initiative

Post by MHI Industry Group Blog, Ergonomics and Safety  Congratulations! You’ve recently been tasked by upper management to implement an industrial ergonomic initiative within your company. But just because the top brass says they want to invest in creating a […]

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