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During the recent ProMat 2017 event, MHI hosted a Keynote Panel on the findings of the The 2017 MHI Annual Industry Report, titled “Next-Generation Supply Chains: Digital, On-Demand and Always-On.” The video of this Keynote Panel is now available for […]

Math prevents foodborne illness

Food and Beverage Industry Undergoing Transformation

Food and beverage has undergone a transformation in recent years. More flavors of the same product. Different sizes and promotional packaging. Changing ingredients to meet consumers’ preferences. While these trends have been changing what consumers see on the store shelves, […]

Smart Cities and their Potential Impact on Supply Chains

By Carol Miller, MHI Vice President of Marketing and Communications Heard the term “Smart City” yet? In researching the 2017 MHI Annual Industry Report, to be released on April 5 at ProMat 2017, Deloitte Consulting’s Patrick Salemme was surprised to […]

Open Shipping Doors

Risks and Concerns of Open Shipping Doors

Guest blog by MHI member, Xpanda Quantum Security Products Direct access to your facility through unlocked or open shipping doors may present several safety and liability issues. Customers, drivers or unwelcomed visitors can walk directly into your facility unnoticed, and there […]

Building Better Supply Chains with Blockchain

Blockchain, the technology that enabled the creation of bitcoins and shook up global financial systems, may one day be disrupting supply chain operations as well. Ginny Rommety, CEO and chairwoman of IBM, has predicted that blockchain has the potential to […]

As technology drives supply chains to digital models, the talent shortage and cybersecurity remain the top barriers to their adoption

According to a new report by MHI and Deloitte, nine technologies are working together to create next-generation supply chains that are digital, on-demand and always-on. These supply chain models have the potential to create tremendous efficiencies and will soon become […]

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