Chatbots and Blockchain are Supply Chain Hot Trends

Along with digitalization and block chain, chatbots are posed to have a significant impact on supply chain in the near future.

In a report released by Eye For Transportation, “Supply Chain Hot Trends: Q2 2017“, they started to explore the trend in 2016 and in Q4 of 2016, 79% of respondents said that they weren’t engaging with chatbots in any capacity. However, by Q2 of 2017, it had shifted so that 51% were using them in some way.

Chatbots are useful on the customer-service side of things are are becoming more and more popular, especially as supply chain becomes more customer centric.

In the same time period, block chain had a jump from 47% use to 61% use. If a majority of organizations start to buy-in, the viability of a public standard chain can increase.

Automation is also a big talking point in the industry right now and though the fear is that there will be job loss due to automation taking over, survey respondents are actually reporting differently. Nearly 80% of respondents reported that workforce either stayed the same or increased after investments in technology. Over 50% of respondents anticipated that automation would create job opportunities in the workforce.