Collaborative Automation: Your Future Coworkers in an E-commerce World

This episode of MHI’s “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries, sponsored by Kindred, examines how the use of collaborative robots in distribution centers can help human workers avoid endless repetitive work. And with the help of robots, even physically disadvantaged people can find jobs on the factory floor. There’s a huge amount of upside to this technology when it comes to productivity, but what would are the other impacts on human workers.

Watch the “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries episode on Collaborative Automation: Your Future Coworkers in an E-commerce World to learn how to innovate and how new technologies are impacting supply chain jobs.

MHI has developed the “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries comprised of 12, 22-minute episodes featuring interviews from industry leaders, as well as from academics, educators, current college students and others working in the field. They provide their insights on the future of supply chain jobs and the technology that will support them.

Through the insights of these individuals, each episode showcases the latest technologies in action, and includes footage from multiple warehousing and distribution center facilities. Individual episodes cover different aspects of the industry and the impact on the economy and society: From e-commerce to cold chain handling and the innovations and evolving technologies that address today’s challenges. They highlight the broad range of current and future career opportunities offered in this industry.

In addition to raising awareness of the industry and its innovative technologies, the docuseries is designed to inspire greater interest in supply chain careers.

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