Using DEI to Recruit: Four Things to Consider

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

One of the benefits of a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiative is a company’s ability to leverage that distinction when recruiting, retaining and empowering employees. There’s something very Field of Dreams about that idea. “If you build it, they will come…” (and work for you instead of another employer), right?

Not exactly. Just creating a DEI initiative on paper, printing it on posters and publishing it on a website isn’t enough. Instead, it’s imperative to embed DEI within every aspect of a company’s culture and processes, to consistently walk the talk and to continuously look for opportunities to improve.

“DEI is a continual journey. You have to commit to the work,” said Edward Lada, Jr., president and CEO of Goodwill Keystone Area and the Goodwill Keystone Area Foundation. “Our organization is relatively new at DEI initiatives, but we’ve prioritized it since I came on board, training our leadership team to create a sense of belonging at each worksite and for each team. This is key to ‘walking the talk’ of DEI every day.”

Tonya Nye, vice president of customer care at Wolfgang Confectioners, agreed…

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