Developing the next generation of supply chain leaders

The demands placed on supply chain leaders are constantly increasing and organizations are feeling the pressure to recruit and retain the next generation supply chain workforce. As a result, developing that future supply chain workforce, particularly those in leadership positions, is a strategic imperative.

APICS Supply Chain Council recently released a report titled “The Supply Chain Leadership Report: Many Styles Generate Success” which examines this topic including key attributes, leadership styles and developing the ability to formally and informally influence a multitude of stakeholders.

The report identifies the following as core themes for effective supply chain leadership:

–Applying certainty to uncertain situations affecting others, such as in forecasting or decision making
–Balancing risk and reward in careful analysis using hard and soft skills
–Aligning tactics to strategy in planning and harmony with organizational culture
–Maintaining and improving relationships of supply chain partners
–Satisfying competing priorities and stakeholders on an ongoing basis

In addition, the research identified seven core competencies of an effective leader to be someone who:
–creates and communicates a vision
–promotes and brings about change
–builds partnerships
–captures and acts on insightful information
–seizes and creates opportunity at the right place and time
–consistently models honorable behavior and best practices
–serves the best interests of the organization without being self-serving.

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The 2015 MHI Annual Conference will also hold a panel discussion on this topic in October. Click here to learn more.