Developing Workforce to Lead the Future

By MHI Member Company, GH Cranes and Components

Workforce is a topic that is top of mind for many companies working in supply chain and material handling right now because we’re struggling to find new workers to replace our retiring ones.

This issue stems from a multitude of factors; young workers tend to job hop more often; the industry is seen as ‘uncool’; awareness of available jobs is low. However, it is possible for companies to create solutions to attract new workers. When you develop and nuture these programs, you can attract and retain members of the rising workforce – but you have to target them. Look for talent not only in within your company vertical, but also in the markets your company serves as well.

One way to attract outside talent is to develop and accelerate innovative projects – and it boosts your bottom line as well. Our family-owned company has set a goal to do just that and in order to achieve this, GH has launched initiatives to be carried out over the coming years as part of its corporate strategy policy.

Recently, GH has announced the GH OLEA PRIZE AND STARTUP CONTEST, an initiative to recruit new, young talent with inquisitive minds, who wish to enter innovative development projects to compete for cash prizes and professional development at GH! Additionally, GH will help foster businesses by providing its industrial, commercial, and financial support where applicable. The OLEA Prize is targeted to university students and the Startup Contest will be available for startup business who qualify.

Not only will students and businesses have the opportunity to receive financial help and professional development, but GH will be able to incorporate real value into the company’s innovation processes and accelerate R&D activities in its efforts to secure its spot as a sector leader in terms of safety, automation, and digitalization, offering its clients cranes with a true competitive advantage. A win-win for everybody!

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